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Safe Fire

Fire has been a source of warmth and light for mankind for centuries. But the associated dangers should not be underestimated. Fires, burns and smoke can quickly become a threat, especially with children in the house. However, our technology offers a safe and effective alternative - burning water.

Unlike conventional fire sources such as wood or gas, Optymist technology does not produce any smoke or soot particles that could pollute the air in the room.

On the contrary: By using water as fuel, our fireplaces even improve the air quality in the room. The result is a clean, safe and environmentally friendly source of energy that poses no risk to people or the environment. Your plants in particular will thank you.

Optymist technology thus offers a revolutionary way to enjoy the benefits of fire without taking any risks. Discover how you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere with our system without compromising safety and environmental friendliness.