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Burning water

Even in modern times, the need of a cozy fireplace remains. But conventional fireplaces often have the disadvantage that they cause emissions that can affect the environment and health. Our solution: burning water with Optimyst® technology.

In contrast to conventional fireplaces, our system only evaporates water using ultrasound, which means that no emissions are produced. This means you can enjoy a warm and cozy effect fire without harming the environment. This is important progress, especially in times of climate change.

But that's not all. The nebulized water that is produced by our system even serves as a humidifier. Unlike the smoke and soot that traditional fireplaces produce, the water vapor is harmless and can increase the humidity in the room. Your plants will love it! The result is pleasant and healthy indoor air that contributes to well-being.

Discover how our technology allows you to enjoy the benefits of a cozy log fire without compromising on the environment and human health.